The Drama Science Lab designs and delivers SciArt experiences with Drama in mind. In our workshops, we blend art, science, and drama (embodied, somatic learning).

We call it SciArt storytelling through Drama.

Our mission is to inspire learners of all ages to start thinking creatively and critically using their bodyminds. In our approach, we use our bodies as a medium to bridge our inner environments with the ones around us and in this process, we incorporate art and science, not as two distinct terranes rather than two ways of thinking that create a seamless experience of SciArt.

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In-house. We come to your school, your museum or gallery, we come where the participants may be.


The participants may be a group of kindergarteners, a group of docents or gallery visitors, it can be teachers. We work with any age group, any knowledge background, always adjusting the goals of our project in the participants' needs.


There is not only one way. We certainly move around a lot, we use our bodies and our minds to understand a concept and create our own narrative. One path is to start with an object of art as an inspiration and work around the object's big ideas utilizing embodied learning. Then we make connections with scientific topics and end up with a new narrative.


We challenge the participants to think again about the boundaries between art and science using their bodies as a medium to receive information, express and process thoughts and ultimately make connections that lead to knowledge.

We approach SciArt content as an educational path and we bring embodied learning (drama) on board as a pedagogical choice.


Because you do not learn in a linear way. There is not a "science box" or an "art box" in your brain. Instead, there is information, forming a 3D net where you need to make the connection and create that “now makes sense” moment.

Because we do believe in the power of education and in this different approach: drama has the power to create a safe time-space and combined with SciArt content, our goal is to provoke the way you think and help you understand the way you make sense of the cosmos.


With an array of projects that keep evolving, we create experiences of SciArt storytelling for any age group and setting, aiming to become a catalyst to their personal growth within their communities and the cosmos.

In the Drama Science workshops, we create our own unique story, our personal narrative that makes sense.

We explore scientific notions through drama techniques and we take the responsibility of our learning experience by reflecting on it. This way, we explore the spectrum of our skills and our potential.

We become active thinkers, active learners.