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Our work with adults

Most of our adult workshops are customized experiences that are aiming to train a specific group (i.e. teachers training). Some of our projects are autonomously like the NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOUR. 

Whether you want a customized experience for your corporate event, your school personnel or just your group of friends, we are here to create unique memories, build on your knowledge and challenge your pallet of skills.


In this workshop, we worked with the Art Museum of the University of Michigan. We did a workshop for teachers and future teachers in order to share with them the idea of SciArt storytelling through Drama.

Art, Science, and Drama can be an educational vehicle in the classroom or in a school visit at a museum.

By SciArt, we mean a new way of learning -a blend of creative and critical thinking.

By Drama, we mean embodied learning -an approach where our bodies become the medium to response, reflect and approach new information.





NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOUR is an interactive, SciArt experience that blends Public Art, Science, and the participants’ own story -pretty much NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOUR -a 90min participatory walk in Chicago, like no other. In this experience, participants will explore some stories behind some renown works of Public Art, make connections with the science of the cosmos and explore their relationship with *your* story. 

Expect to walk, laugh, move around, have fun (AND WE MEAN IT).


Not Your Average Tour (NYAT) is an event currently on demand.

Either you want a team building experience or just a fun outing with your friends, contact us to customize the tour just for you!

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