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and we create life changing experiences

NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOUR created by Taylor Poulin that curated the Art content and by Filippa Martha Christofalou that curated the Science content and designed the overall experience.


In Drama Science Lab we use drama techniques to approach scientific ideas.

In the Drama Science Lab, we design life changing experiences aiming to ENGAGE, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE participants to become active, creative thinkers -evolving learners with empathy and mindfulness. 

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  • interactive experiences

  • teacher training

  • art galleries

  • children workshops

 IN HOUSE workshops 

"I wish we had more of this at school, we had so much fun."

  • museums

  • after school clubs

  • consulting

  • adult workshops


The General Theory of Relativity meets an untold love story and the biggest failure ever. This is NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOUR. Literally.

in brief



In our workshops we wear comfy gear and we feel safe to express ourselves. We play, we do drama and we explore scientific ideas. And of course, we have fun.

We don't have a specific space that we run our workshops. It could be a school, a museum or a coffee shop. We need space to move around and wooden floors to feel cosy and comfortable.


Each workshop is different and its duration depends on the age of the participants, the setting and the content. Most of our workshops last about 2 hours.

how long

Our workshops are designed with love and knowledge of each age group. We don't have a specific age range, it can be preK students or a group of adults.

But WHY Public Art?


Well, we believe in the power of Public Art.

Public Art is out there for you twenty-four seven. You may find it while you are walking back home from a hard day at work, you may use it as a shelter when it is raining, you may notice it on your first date or even be annoyed from all these kids playing around it.

But this is Public Art. It is Public; that means everyone is welcome to make connections and create memories. There are no tickets or lines. It is out there. For free. Twenty-four seven.

Public Art means that everyone is welcome to just stop at some point and think. Because this is what Public Art is about -to initiate a dialogue, first and foremost with ourselves and then with the rest of the Cosmos.

We are here to show you how…