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Our philosophy

In Drama Science Lab we believe in each person's individuality. We believe in each participant's unique learning style and background. That is why we bring Drama on board. Drama techniques have the power of creating a powerful dynamic in any team that enhances each participant's skills.

Most people correlate drama with performance, multiple rehearsals and, of course, an audience. In our workshops we engage individuals in science by utilizing drama. We improv on scenarios that are infused with science.

Using drama & education techniques, using our body and our mind, our memories and our experiences, we create new ones. We build on old information and experience and we create knowledge and something new that now makes sense. We embrace drama techniques as Drama & Education does. Having in mind the legacy that Dorothy Heathcote left, we create a science experience.

  • We relax in a safe space-time that we create as a team.

  • We express ourselves freely with respect and we then dive into pure scientific notions.

  • With the instructor’s guidance, we put together the pieces of the puzzle. 

  • We take the responsibility of our knowledge development and we risk our exposure 

  • We leave the session with questions that are to be answered by us later on.

  • Finally, we observe and reflect on our participation, the outcomes of the session, our personal “before” and “after”, building our confidence towards science and drama, growing our self-awareness.

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