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Upcoming workshops

The following months are exciting and we are not talking about pumpkin latte or pumpkin ... everything. We will be running some adult workshops on SciArt storytelling.

On Wednesday the 25th of October we wear comfy clothes and we are heading to the Art Institute of Chicago for a 45min session on SciArt through drama. The session will be part of the Art+Science mini conference -just follow the link to participate and confirm your spot.

The Art Museum of the University of Michigan (UMMA) is hosting an event on Art Education and we are thrilled to be the key note presenters. Of course, presentations are boring and talks so last year. That is why we are planning to shake things up and create a unique experience for more than 120 docents and Museum Educators. If you are interested, contact us for more!

We have also planned a workshop for the IAEA annual conference in Illinois. Of course, we have creative ideas for this workshop, too. We are going to blend Art, Science and Drama and we are going to share our knowledge and experience on creating SciArt narratives utilizing Drama as a medium. Teachers that are curious on how they can incorporate all these fields in their teaching practice are more than welcome to join us! Follow the link for more information.

Key words: SciArt storytelling, Museum Education, Museum workshops, Teachers training, STEAM, SciArt Education

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