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Happy, creative 2019 humans!

Neon green, pink, shiny sparkly fuchsia. As we wrap up our minds, we wear all the sequins and the glitter and we visualize a spectacular, creative 2019.

This year was extraordinary for us.

We focused on our work and vision more than ever. We achieved most of our goals and this feels so good. We worked hard and through this journey we met incredible creators, talented exhibition designers, passionate teachers, visionary artists, awesome curators, and fantastic policy makers -creative weirdos and doers who don't hesitate to shake educational practices up, like we do. We shared our passion and expertise, we got inspired and we inspired, we failed and succeeded.

Through our programming and our social media platforms we engaged with more than 5000 people all over the world.

These numbers are crazy and hard to grasp and this past year wasn't easy for us. We faced challenges that made us stronger and taught us how to feel empowered and content even when everything seems to fall apart. During our SciArt festival, Project L, we reached out for help and we got the best volunteers and facilitators we could've ever possibly asked for -these are friendships that will last a lifetime, our favorite!

Our family grows every day and our heart beats fast as we anticipate the new synergies that will follow in 2019 -the idea of all these endless possibilities feeds us.

We are happy and beyond excited for the new year. Bring all the glitter, humans!

Before we take all a small break for the holidays, I strongly encourage you to fill out this form for our 2019 SciArt Festival. Join us along the way, learn from us and show us what you know, embrace your creativity even if you don't know the form in which it hides within you.

We will welcome you with the warmest hug. Let's figure out what a SciArt Festival can be, together.

Well, when we look back, this year seems long but hey, we are just getting started, humans.

Happy Holidays!



Curator of Education & Programming

The DS Lab

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