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The Drama Science Lab designs and delivers SciArt experiences with Drama in mind. In our workshops we blend ART, SCIENCE and DRAMA (embodied, somatic learning). We call it storytelling through Drama.



In house. We come to your school, your museum or gallery, we come where the participants may be.



The participants may be a group of kindergarteners, a group of docents or gallery visitors, it can be teachers. We work with any age group, any knowledge background, always adjusting the goals of our project in the participants' needs.



There is not only one way. We certainly move around a lot, we use our bodies and our minds to understand a concept

and create our own narrative. One path is to start with an object of art as an inspiration and work around the object's big ideas utilizing embodied learning. Then we make connections with scientific topics and end up with a new narrative.



We challenge the participants to think again about the boundaries between art and science using their bodies as a medium to receive information, express and process thoughts and ultimately make connections that lead to knowledge.

We approach SciArt content as an educational path and we bring embodied learning (drama) on board as a pedagogical choice.



Because you do not learn in a linear way. There is not a "science box" or an "art box" in your brain. Instead, there is information, forming a 3D net where you need to make the connection and create that “now makes sense” moment.

Because we do believe in the power of education and in this different approach: drama has the power to create a safe time-space and combined with SciArt content, our goal is to provoke the way you think and help you understand the way you make sense of the cosmos.



With an array of projects that keep evolving, we create experiences of SciArt storytelling for any age group and setting, aiming to become a catalyst to their personal growth within their communities and the cosmos.

In the Drama Science workshops, we create our own unique story, our personal narrative that makes sense.

We explore scientific notions through drama techniques and we take the responsibility of our learning experience by reflecting on it. This way, we explore the spectrum of our skills and our potential.

We become active thinkers, active learners.




#storytelling  #education  #somaticLearning  #SciArtStorytelling  #museumEducation

the story

Filippa started teaching when she was 8 and by the age of 10 she had written her first Math handbook in order to help other students in her community to understand Math. Since she remembers herself, she was observing and learning how she learned. How others learn.

From a young age Filippa noticed that people either love SCIENCE or ART, and this was something that couldn’t fit to her understanding of the world. Hence Filippa studied Science, and at the same time Theatre, Arts and Drama & Education. To find the matrix of these fields Filippa also did a Masters in Education.

So how can we create seamless content of ART and SCIENCE since we, humans are not one thing? We are not one color, or one flavor -we are a mosaic of choices, experiences and learning styles. 

The Drama Science lab started as an idea years ago in Athens, Greece and after a short stop in London, the Drama Science Lab was officialy founded in Chicago -a city with a significant cultural footprint and a marvel Art history.

the team

Curator of education and programming, founder

Filippa is the founder of the Drama Science Lab and currently the Curator of Education & Programming. Filippa has a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree in Education so she knows how you learn. Filippa also studied Drama and Drama & Education so she knows how to make you express yourself. Filippa also studied History of Art so she can tell why Art is so vital.

Filippa has designed and instructed numerous programs for kids and adults in more than 5 countries and has collaborated with several Museums, Art Galleries, Schools and companies all over the world so she knows how to make content related to *you*.

Filippa lives in Chicago. Contact Filippa here

Eva Karatairi

Collaborator | Scientific Content Editor

Eva makes sure that our projects are scientific accurate -she reads our scenarios and projects with the tenderness of an art lover and the thoroughness of a scientist. Eva is a chemist with a PhD in materials Science and she is currently working as science writer and educator, making science simple and easy for everyone. Eva lives in Berlin. Do you want to contact Eva? Here is your chance

Collaborator | Visual Designer

Nikoleta is our Visual designer. She created our brand and she crafts most of our communication material. With her experience, knowledge and creativity gives to our content color and shape. Her creative office Skafandro has designed several works so far for Companies, Festivals and Organisations through out the world. Nikoleta lives in Athens. Contact Nikoleta at

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We are constantly working on new ideas and projects.

We are looking for creative weirdos that share our vision for Education.

Join our team, email us now!

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