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Project L is our SciArt festival, a pop-up experience that celebrates art and science.


In a Pop-Up trio of events, Project L aims to challenge participants' perception and initiate an open dialogue about SciArt and the common space between science and art.

An exhibition of SciArt; workshops; and an ongoing dialogue about the connections found between the two fields are the three pillars of Project L.


Under the umbrella of the Chicago Science Festival organized by the Illinois Science Council, we collaborate with Simantikos Dance and celebrate SciArt.



Art and science are both fields of questioning, investigating, and revealing aspects of the world around us and of human nature. What happens when they meet? This exhibition presents a selection of SciArt, or science-based art, from artists across Chicagoland who are engaged in exploring the point at which art and science come together to complement or confront the other. Through a variety of media, these works illustrate the intriguing new realities that result: the objectivity of scientific imagery is distorted and challenged; the natural world is celebrated on canvas and in creative, playful sculpture; and a theater production suddenly becomes more magical. New physical and mental landscapes emerge and combine to provoke and inspire entirely different ways of thinking.


Taylor Poulin, curator


Simantikos Dance Chicago (SDC) is committed to leadership and creative collaboration in both dance performance and dance education. The company aspires to advance the performing arts by offering the public visionary choreography and strongly executed performances by fostering an intelligent appreciation of dance as an art form. SDC is dedicated to providing an array of educational opportunities for professionals as well as aspiring students including those in underserved communities and schools. The company’s mission is to address social issues while recognizing the diverse range of cultures represented by the collaborators and facilitating a platform to create, contribute and influence a positive change within society as a whole.


Illinois Science Council invites you to the 4th annual Chicago Science Festival — a celebration of the wow-inspiring, mind-expanding, human-benefiting awesomeness that is STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) in the Chicago area. We have a FULL WEEK of events for all science enthusiasts to participate in this year.



Workshops for kids and adults will run on Sunday, May 13 2018.


10:00am-11:15am: sciart Workshop for kids
Kids will have the opportunity to build their own landscape in between art and science using materials from our daily life. With the guidance of the instructor, they will talk about the SciArt commonplace: what happens when we are just creative without using the science or art boxes in our minds?
Booking is necessary through Eventbrite. Limited spots.
Ages: 4-7
Tickets: $8

11:30-1:00: sciart workshop for adults
What happens in the common space of science and art? The human experience will determine the form of the new landscape. In this workshop, the participants will approach this landscape as if it was a labyrinth, and they will create their own version of a maze. How easy is to navigate? Art, science, perception, time and methodology are some of the keywords to find your way out.
Booking is necessary through Eventbrite. Limited spots.
Leading instructor: Maria Kokkori, Associate Researcher for Scholarly Initiatives at the Art Institute of Chicago and Lecturer in the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago.
Instructor: Filippa Christofalou, Curator of Education and Programming at The Drama Science Lab.
Tickets: $8

your voice

PROJECT L facilitators

We need YOU!


We are looking for art and/or science enthusiasts that would like to get involved with PROJECT L. We need YOU! We need creative weirdos that would love to put their stamp on the event and bring on the table their ideas and passion; you may be great on insta or just love taking photos and videos. You may enjoy chatting or just greeting people. We need YOU! Best part? All volunteers will have free access to the Friday main event, talks and workshops and will take home any material provided in the workshops and talks.


If you're interested, fill out this form to be considered as a facilitator for the Project L (May 11, May 12 & May 13, 2018).

Applications are valid only through this form - direct emails will not be considered as valid applications. Applications will be accepted until Sunday, April 22, 10:00pm CDT.

All volunteers must be able to attend in one of the two trainings

The DSlab team will contact the successful applicants by Tuesday, 4/24/18.





Both artists and scientists question the world around them. The product of that questioning, whether it be a work of art or a scientific discovery, helps us understand more about humanity and the natural world around us.


Project L is a celebration, an investigation, and a call to answer the question: What happens when science and art meet each other? How do art and science inform each other? How can they help explain each other? How can both fields become even greater in the point at which they meet?


Project L will come to life in a trio of events: an exhibition of SciArt; a workshop; and an ongoing dialogue about the connections found between the two fields. We aim to celebrate SciArt, science, and art, to explore new methods of artmaking and scientific inquiry, and to extend an open invitation to anyone curious about the possibilities inherent in these connections.



Work should have a clear connection to and link between any branch of art and science, whether in subject matter, materials, and/or technique.


Please note that we accept submissions exclusively through the form below. Submissions sent in our email will not be considered as valid.

Submission Information


Cost and Entry

  1. Entry for the exhibition is free.

  2. Please create a separate entry for each work of art submitted. Multiple works bundled into one entry will not be considered. Each artist may submit up to 10 individual works of art.

  3. Include a short Artist Statement (200-word max), explaining your work, creative process, and how it reflects the theme.

  4. Digital files must be labeled as “TitleOfWork_YourName” for consideration.


Work Guidelines

  1. Only the following media will be considered: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography.

  2. Framed work must be wired and ready to hang.

  3. All displayed work must be stable and dry to the touch.


Art Transport, Insurance, and Sales

  1. Upon acceptance to exhibition, the artist is responsible both for delivery of artwork to the gallery space and for picking it up at the end of the last day of the exhibition (5/13/2018). No art storage is available.

  2. Project L will not be responsible for any loss or damage to artworks whatsoever while in our care. The artist is responsible for maintaining his/her own insurance coverage.

  3. Works will not be for sale, but artists may market themselves for the duration of the exhibition through written materials such as business cards, brochures, etc., for interested parties to contact them directly for sales.



Entries due: Friday 3/23/2018, 11:00pm CDT

Notice Of Acceptance: Friday 4/6/2018    

Drop Off: 5/4 & 5/5 (dates will be confirmed and details will be added to the acceptance notice)

Exhibition Date: Thu 5/10/2018 - Sun 5/13/2018



The curatorial team encourages submissions from artists of any background. Due to limited space, the team cannot guarantee the acceptance of every submission. 



in collaboration with


It is important for us to hear back from you. What do you expect to see in project L? What would you like to see?

Do you have an idea?

Project L is for you. We need YOU.


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