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Filippa started teaching when she was 8 and by the age of 10, she had written her first Math handbook in order to help other students in her community understand Math. Since she remembers herself, she was observing and learning how she learned. How others learn.


From a young age, Filippa noticed that people had to choose between SCIENCE and ART, and this was something that couldn’t fit her understanding of the world. Hence Filippa studied Science, and at the same time Theatre, Arts and Drama & Education. To find the matrix of these fields Filippa also did a Masters in Education. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Art Museum Education, at Columbia University New York.


So how can we create seamless content of art and science since we, humans are not one thing? We are not one color or one flavor -we are a mosaic of choices, experiences and learning styles.


The Drama Science lab started as an idea years ago in Athens, Greece and after a short stop in London, the Drama Science Lab was officially founded in Chicago -a city with a significant cultural footprint and a marvel Art history. Today, the Drama Science Lab runs experiences around the globe, but it is based in New York.


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