We are looking for passionate emerging museum professionals that would like to get involved with our 2019 SciArt Festival. 

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Do you have an idea for a workshop, talk or mini presentation that blends art and science and focuses on somatic learning?

We are looking for creators, makers and educators of any background who would love to share their work in our sciart annual.

Please keep in mind the exhibition will be up in December 2019.

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Tête à Tête: Embodying Dialogues 

An inclusive, learning experience.

Thought-provoking art. 

Art that flirts with science, ignites curiosity, inspires and catalyzes. 

Intriguing art, art that makes sense. 

Imagine visiting your favorite art museum, but better. 

Imagine making new friends, but easier. 

Learning, but wittier.


The Drama Science Lab presents for the second consecutive year the only sciart festival in Chicago. This year, the theme centers around the body and examines how somatic learning plays its part in experiencing sciart information. Tête à Tête: Embodying Dialogues is our 2019 sciart annual with an exhibition as its main pillar and a robust array of educational corresponding events: mini-talks, workshops, in-gallery experiences, presentations, games and more.

Curatorial note

Interdisciplinary art has a singular ability to connect with a plethora of potential audiences by engaging them through topics beyond the traditional fine arts. The artists I work with practice interdisciplinary art primarily focused in the sciences. I believe that conceptual art is most successful when it has research behind it and allows the viewer to engage with the work through a definitive, bodily interaction. To that end, this year's exhibition will focus on gesture as a pivotal concept. Unlike the traditional art historical connotation of the term—i.e., a gesture figure drawing involving a model—this year's exhibition will focus on the gestures initiated by the viewer in response to art. It is a new take on interactivity and art, one which focuses on the viewer's bodily participation as integral to successful internalization of artistic concepts. I assert that experience is a crucial conduit to critical thought. Being part of the Drama Science Lab teams clearly aligns with my curatorial vision and goals. I am thrilled to participate in an organization of like-minded individuals who see the potential of art to bridge the gaps in disciplines and to connect people.

note from the Founder

Mind-blowing art. Art that flirts with science, ignites curiosity, inspires and provokes. Annoying art, art that makes sense.

Imagine visiting your favorite art museum but better. Imagine playing cards but more entertaining. Making new friends but safer. 

Learning, but wittier. 

Tête à Tête: Embodying Dialogues is our 2019 sciart festival.  We celebrate the common space of art and science with the objective to nurture a dialogue on the triptych art-science-learning. We believe in sciart storytelling through drama (embodied, somatic learning) and this project is one more ecosystem of wonder and open dialogue -a treatise on sciart storytelling.

Tête à Tête: Embodying Dialogues is a SciArt show with a robust series of inclusive programming that acts as a compass for interpretation, exploration, and learning.

I think you will like what you'll experience. Join our journey and get involved!


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