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In our kids' workshops, we use our bodies as a medium to learn. We approach sciart (science+art) content, as a new way of thinking. Critical thinking and creative thinking come organically as parts of the process of learning while we learn and explore the worlds of art and science...

after school club

IF ONLY is a story of a tree that was standing alone for years. But what happens when a small child sits on its roots? 

In this drama & science workshop, the children will create a new character, our tree's best friend, 

and they will develop the story of these two friends. 

Students will do storytelling, creative writing and drama, 

they will improvise and they will create a unique story. 

At the same time, children will get familiar with the science of trees. 

If only we could listen to their stories...

IF ONLY is our SciArt through Drama workshop for students 5-8. During the IF ONLY program students will:


  • relax and express themselves through drama in a safe environment

  • explore the scientific method

  • explore the science of trees

  • craft and shape the story of the boy and the tree

  • develop emotional and cognitive skills (collaboration, communication skills, critical thinking, self-confidence, concentration, memory)

  • have fun

  • learn how they learn by reflecting on their experience

  • apply their discoveries to future scientific learning and improve their overall classroom performance

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