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Art, Science & the power of Drama

Sometimes parents share with me their thoughts on their children's progress and academic performance beginning with this:

"My son/daughter is good at Science...". The moment I hear this I make stories in my head trying to find a way to prove to them that "they might be good at Math/Science, but how about trying something different this time...?" How about going deeper, in the foundations of science. In the philosophy of science. In critical thinking.

The point is, that we often have stellar teachers that create a wonderful environment in the classrooms with spectacular and effective experiments. Sometimes, we also have stellar drama teachers that create a safe place for the students to share their thoughts and create new ones.

What if we could have a seamless experience where art, science and drama work together and create a unique experience that inspires the participant and through a non discursive approach aims to create a new space-time that now makes sense. That will now convert any prior information to knowledge. To something that now makes sense.

That is why I am so passionate about these projects. That is why I want you to follow my work. Welcome!

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